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Start a conversation with the specialists at P & C Concrete Imaging and Cutting before you attempt to slice through random areas of your foundation. We offer a unique array of concrete services in Orlando, FL. Our team is the one to call when your project calls for cutting through a concrete segment that could sit over essential power lines and other utilities. 

Attention to detail is critical when you are managing a major construction project. With so many overlapping timelines for completion and deadlines to meet, many move before learning everything they can about a site. Orlando can often seem like one big construction site, with everyone moving in a different direction. Our specialists understand the time constraints you face, and they move quickly to ensure you maintain your schedule.

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When you make the call to our office, request a free consultation. We work with a broad array of property management professionals and contractors that need answers quickly. The longer the team sits and waits for an inspector to arrive, the higher the possibility of cost overruns.

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Choose a company that understands construction in Central Florida, and avoid an expensive delay to your timeline. Our approach to concrete cutting and project management separates us from the competition. Talk with a professional today and get your project moving again.

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