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Preventive Concrete Services for Any Orlando, FL, Project

You have all the equipment you need to cut or drill into concrete, but do you know specifically where you should go into the concrete? Choosing the wrong spot could expose you to hazardous infrastructures like electrical wiring and gas lines. Avoid hidden dangers with our concrete services in Orlando, FL. 

P&C Concrete Imaging and Cutting has over 25 years of industry experience and supports you through every phase of your project. Imaging is the ideal place to start your work because it offers a clear picture of what is underneath or within the concrete. This helps you avoid costly mistakes and lengthy downtime. In addition to our concrete imaging, we provide builders and contractors with project management. Reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

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Whether it’s walls, floors, or driveways, your project may require concrete pieces with exact specifications. To fulfill this need, we offer detailed concrete cutting with state-of-the-art equipment to supply sections that fit perfectly. We can even do core drilling for ductwork, pipes, or wiring. Our team makes holes with the dimensions you need.

About Us

Our owner, Craig Corbin, owned and operated a successful concrete cutting and demolition business for 23 years. When he saw the need for accurate imaging, he decided to open our service. We now help contractors with everything from malls and theme parks to high-rises, hospitals, and office buildings. Our imaging equipment picks up on rebar, posts, tension cables, and conduits before you start work. We also act as the project manager to streamline your operations and clean up when we’re done.

P&C Concrete Imaging and Cutting provides competitively priced concrete work that exceeds your expectations and empowers you to move to your project’s next phase. Just contact us to schedule your consultation.

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Using advanced concrete cutting equipment, P&C Concrete's skilled technicians can complete your job accurately and with little interruption. With more than 29 years of experience, we handle everything from concrete imaging and drilling to project management. Every project we undertake receives our full and undivided attention, allowing us to guarantee our high-quality work. Customer service is very important to us because we receive many clients via word-of-mouth referrals. Here at P&C Concrete, we know that the better our services are, the more opportunities will come our way.