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CORE Drilling projects & more based in Orlando, FL  

Completing core drilling projects on time and under budget makes customers happy. P & C Concrete's construction management helps you provide excellent customer service. Proudly serving Orlando, FL, and surrounding areas, we improve growth and development within your team.

Undeniable Integrity In Construction

Our goal is to provide more than just quality concrete imaging and cutting services. Here at P & C Concrete, we offer responsive services that lead to effectively completed projects. Our operators, managers, and office team communicate on a daily basis, ensuring that projects stay their course. Our high level of commitment and engagement leads to a job that's done right.

Keeping a construction project on task is a matter of logistics. When it comes to construction management, we do an exceptional job, ensuring that information is communicated effectively and that everyone is doing their job. From oversight issues and labor relations to cost management, P & C Concrete handles it all in an objective manner, making sure that your concrete drilling project is completed properly.

Core Drilling Projects