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Comprehensive Concrete Scanning Services in Orlando, FL

When you're cutting through a concrete floor, it's important to know what's lying underneath before you start drilling. There might be critical electrical conduits, wiring, piping, or rebar there that can get ruined. That's why we at P & C Concrete Imaging and Consulting Service make sure to scan the area before we start cutting. We provide a concrete scanning service in Orlando, FL to ensure a job is completed in a safe, professional manner.

Our company is unmatched in experience, resources, and skills. We provide superior, broad-based commercial construction services for industrial, private, and public clients. When you hire our services, we provide quality workmanship and pay close attention to detail. Through discipline and good work ethic, we will achieve a successful construction project for you every time.

Our team has access to advance concrete cutting equipment so that we can accurately complete your project with little or no problem. We bring 25 years of experience with us, handling many different types of concrete plans. Let us handle your job from start to finish.

Concrete Cutting Experts

When it comes to concrete drilling, we are a cut above the rest. All you have to do is provide a layout, and we'll handle the rest. We start with a walkthrough, making sure we understand what you're looking for. Our services ensure that the integrity of your structure isn't compromised.

Our staff is well trained and has the experience necessary to professionally and safely complete any project for you. We’ll consult with you to find out your ideas, design an optimum plan for you and bring it back to discuss. Any suggestions we do make are based on our experience in the field.

Concrete Imaging

A Company Based on Integrity

Our goal is to provide you with quality concrete imaging and consulting services that lead to effectively completed projects. From our operators, managers, and even our office team, we communicate on a daily basis to ensure every project stays on course. We pride ourselves in doing the job right, the first time.

It’s not always easy to keep a project on schedule, but our experienced staff provides the necessary expertise to make sure communication lines are open and everyone is doing their job. In doing so, this improves timely completion of your project and also allows us to stay within the budget by not extending the timeline. 

We believe that customer service is essential to our company because we receive many clients via word-of-mouth referrals. We are aware that the better our services are, the more opportunities will come our way. You are our neighbors and our friends, so how we conduct business in our community is a direct reflection on everyone in our company.

Before you start your next project, call us for a consultation. We’re proud to be the one-stop resource you can depend on for a comprehensive range of concrete services. Since concrete is a prominent feature in much residential and commercial construction, we offer our flexible services to a variety of clients. Reach out to our experienced staff to answer any questions for you.

Contact our company today to set up an on-site consultation for your current construction job.  We proudly serve Orlando, FL, and the surrounding area.